March 10th, 2010 |

Americans love European women and their adorable accents.   Find a P.Y.E.T (pretty young European thing) who can rock out with her cock out and you’ll have Angelenos salivating for more.

And salivation is literally what was going down at infamous Hollywood tease-atorium and strip club, Crazy Girls.  The ladies were hot and the thigh highs were bold. The audience passed the time stuffing tips into panties waiting for sweet and sour German rocker Mignon.  After at least an hour of giggling breasts and gyrating American booties, the petite blonde bombshell from off-shore bounced onto stage full of energy.  Giggle and gyrate she did too, but this lady was not just a sight—she was also a sound.  Mignon introduced herself to the audience in a cute German accent and jumped right into “Gimme Gimme Gimme.”

From the beginning of the set her songs were catchy, her energy was high, her band was tight (and not bad to look at, if you know what I mean), and the music rocked. The drummer was amazing. The bassist had the background vocals of Danzig at a high school birthday party. And the guitarist played it cool, even when he broke a string while rocking out on “Hot Love.” Mignon (and her newly assembled band) fluently blends rock, electronica, pop and punk into music that is heartfelt and real.  In spirit as in vision, she is what Lady Gaga wishes she was—a fucken rockstar.  Her almost white blonde hair is interrupted with a shock of jet black. Onstage she was a gothic vision in a black corset, black boots, black wrist bands, a Medieval cross necklace (why, yes, it was black…) and a fringy black jacket and top hat that she donned on an off throughout her performance.

Mignon’s not afraid to wear what she wants, sing what she wants, scream what she wants and even get bloody…what she wants.—At one point she jumped off stage to grab some fake blood to splatter on herself and her bassist. It’s not surprising that she toured with the ever epically hot and bothered free spirited Peaches in 2001 and 2002.  Her video to “Hot Love” (which was screened while the hottie guitarist recovered from guitar string stresses) doesn’t do her or her music justice.  She’s way more of a killer queen on stage—and though she’s small, her presence is felt.

Everything about Mignon feels right.  She rocks out, but she doesn’t try too hard to be something she’s not.  Like Peaches, she says what she wants with the ferocity of tiger on cat-nip and the message resonates—be who you are, do what you want, find out what’s cooking in the kitchen even if it is getting steamy.

Linda Janota