July 1st, 2009 |

People stood spilled out onto Women of Crenshaw’s lawn this past Sean Carnage Monday night. As openers Dlmacio Von Diamond w/ the Enochian Keys worked out their layered sound, I stood outside talking with some friends. When DVD finished up, I made it up front to check out Double Dagger, I had heard about them long ago through a past roommate of mine who lived for a time at the Copycat warehouse in Baltimore. Four bass cabinets and amps sat poised to blow the roof off the house.

The dynamics of the set went from spoken vocals over quiet, sway-inducing basslines & jazzy drums to ground-shaking subharmonic chords & four on the floor with frenzied screaming. The crowd responded to the jet engine uproar by absorbing the eager lead singer, Nolen, into their ranks like an amoeba absorbing sonic sustenance. After the din of ‡ ended, Zombelle got set up. She and her collaborator were decked out like Vampire Hunter D. With a kaoss pad noise wash underneath, Zombelle gesticulated hurling reverb drenched sixties truisms. A broken guitar lay on the floor, plugged in I suppose. Most people stood in awe at what could be called an avante-Zombelle set. I picked up a couple of Double Dagger 7″s before leaving, both of which sounded great even with my stereo’s limited volume.

Richard Seymour