December 25th, 2007 |


I’ve been in Los Angeles for nine months now, and for some reason I have never been to any Droid Behavior events, even though I always mark them on my calendar and try to get people stoked about them. In the recent past, the L.A. techno collective has hosted nights featuring Carl Craig, Derek Plaslaiko, and Modeselektor, among others. They throw events that I feel bummed to constantly miss out on, so I made it a point to make sure to attend Interface 21. featuring Rotterdam minimal techno legend, Speedy J, and his visual counterpart, Scott Pagano. It was (after all) only the second Speedy J performance in California, and I had missed last year’s hyped show. When we arrived at about one in the morning, Interface was just at its peak at some warehouse in some part of Los Angeles I had never ventured into. We were happy to endure the whole two-and-a-half hour set of crunchy bass and energetic beats, even if it meant we’d be zombies at work in the morning. I love that this sort of thing happens in L.A.—the town known for people who are too careful to dance and too busy to stay out until dawn. (KB)