December 19th, 2007 |

Track: Emily Jane White “To The Sea”

Spending a perfectly lovely mid-week December night with Emily Jane White is just that: perfect and lovely. Starting off playing acoustic sets in Santa Cruz by herself, Emily is now joined by a great stand-up bass player (with bow) and a simple drummer. Her songs are concise and pure: lyrics like ‘sink down into my love like a deep bathtub’ (something like that, she probably wrote it better) and the show is simply flawless. No shouts from the audience, no sweating rockers, no ‘Dear God, when is this chick for the love of Christ gonna stop whining?’ Just simple, soothing songs played incredibly well. This is the music you listen to alone on a rainy day sipping tea and communing with memories. White has a voice that is luxuriously dark and peaceful, strumming her guitar with ease and an ear for both a poetic line and a musical phrase, and she absolutely has the face of an angel. She chats about her recent interview with Rolling Stone with classic hippie mellowness (‘Yeahhhh, the guy was really nice, man…’) and explains how on the apple farm she worked on at the time (‘There’s absolutely nothing like an apple fresh off the tree – grocery store apples are disgusting!’) she couldn’t get a hold of a copy of the very magazine she was in. But she deserves that kind of coverage. She’s a star. (CH)