September 18th, 2007 |


You know that ‘60s futuristic look? Well, take that space-age fashion, melt it into sound, add a tinge of noise, and you have the Octopus Project on Friday night. The first time I saw the Austin band was about a year ago at the Troubadour with the Starlight Mints. They blew me away with that performance, minus the fact that their strings kept breaking. I thought it almost near impossible for them to ever top their excellence and amazing stage presence until last Friday, when they had an outstanding live show with Stereo Total. The three boys/one girl experimental band sent sensational energy pulsating through the crowd, rallying the kids to dance, jerk, and move. Yvonne Lambert mystified the crowd with the eerie sounds of a theremin as the other three boys jammed while switching to use one another’s instruments. Drummer Toto Miranda was out of control—dripping with sweat, insanely pounding the drums, or running up to grab a guitar–as Ryan Figg and Josh Lambert pushed for more energy from the audience with spastic movements commanding the speakers to drown out any other thought in your head. It was quite a privilege to experience the experiment. (AR)