May 27th, 2007 |

SUNDAY, MAY 20: Is the brilliant afterglow of my intergalactic love affair with Glass Candy waning or was my cosmic couple crush having an off night? Their Part Time Punks set was a deep-space showcase featuring their low-gear shift into down-tempo electronic transmissions from their latest limited CD compilation After Dark. Fans looking for a spin in the old Trans Am be warned; they’ve traded grit and gloss for the low-key class of a streamlined Olds. Ida made the kind of icy cool computer love that leaves a lover shivering during the long walk of shame while Johnny made eyes at Ida and music fit for an Apollo mission. Their trajectory was thwarted by a series of technical snafus and drunken fan-girl interludes (start your own band instead of hanging on to one!) and Ida’s subzero persona has permafrosted her performance. Nothing revolutionary, but a pleasant glide divine nonetheless. (MM)