April 6th, 2007 |

FRIDAY, MARCH 30: If it weren’t for my freaky musician friends I’d have dried up into a goddamn mummy at 16. Enter Sean Carnage, East Coast expatriate hellbent on making sure you know exactly who your freaky musician friends are. Most everybody in L.A. is busy being, well…most everybody in L.A. No problem; there’s plenty of L.A. to go around. But whether it’s the bleak pastures surrounding the Great Lakes or the petroleum-stained streets of the creative capital of the world, there’s always somebody less than satisfied with things as they are. They meet one another, make a band and play a show. And lots of these bands played a show at Il Corral, a quaint little former sweatshop just off of Melrose…about 52 bands, actually. And the whole damn thing is on the 40/80 DVD. Ya got noise. Ya got trumpets. Ya got some guys playing their entire two-minute set with nothing but walnuts. Ya got a guy making a sandwich with his feet. Ya got bands watching their friends’ bands playing. Ya got one night of the Los Angeles underground sucked into a hand-held, moving-picture machine that might as well have been duct-taped to your head as you wandered around the entire show knowing that you and everyone else there’s got that goddamn mummy-dread inside ‘em. But no worries: ya got enough life around ya to keep the mummy dancing all night. Keep the mummy dancing long enough, and ten years later yer scene becomes the mainstream. That’s a good thing, because then the next batch of crazy fuckers gonna come along and tear you down. If they can find each other. That’s why 40/80 oughta be on television—so they can find each other. (RO)