March 9th, 2015 | Staff Blog

L.A. RECORD has invited underground photographer Amy Darling to launch a column with us of her amazing ongoing documentation of the weird, wonderful underbelly of Los Angeles music. To start things off, here’s a collection of her favorite photos from 2014.

And a short testament from Amy Darling herself to get yourself acquainted with this dynamic lady and her camera:

“I have been documenting the music/art/performance scene the Eastside of  Los Angeles for 25-some-odd-years. I took a hiatus while teaching elementary school in the late 90s-early millennium, but have come back in the last 5 years to find an even more vibrant and abundant scene than ever before.  I enjoy documenting these artists and being part of the community. Mostly I shoot in small or little known venues where burgeoning artist are cutting their eye-teeth or the stuff is so quirky that it caters to a specific fan base of like “weirdos.” I shoot these events because I believe they should be documented and archived. Sometimes I shoot on assignment and sometimes I shoot because I just want to document and create photos that honor the moment. I let the artists use them for whatever purposes they may choose and often the photos find their way to publications, on the web, and on their CDs, Records, and tapes. I am very grateful to L.A. RECORD for this opportunity to contribute to their publication which strives to promote good music in Los Angeles. This series of photos shows many of the performances that I think constitute the best I saw in 2014 and gives a feel for the audience and ambiance as well.  I am continually amazed and delighted at the talent that I witness and I look forward to future developments and performances.  I will keep you all updated.” —Amy Darling