November 17th, 2014 | Staff Blog

Luka Fisher is an artist, director, film guy, jacket wearer, hairdo awesome-er, and people mover. This new video, recorded by LoveyDove and directed by Violet Chiyo, is a tribute to Mr. Fisher’s genius in all things, but it’s also a tribute to Los Angeles and some of the funnest people makin’ the music in it: watch closely, and you’ll see cameos from Colin and Lee from Terminal A, Nick and Ashley from HOTT MT, Kizzy Kirk from Feral Kizzy, Neil Malick from the Sixth Son, and of course Dan West and Azalia Snail of LoveyDove.

Be sure to catch the closing reception for Luka Fisher’s current art exhibit: it’s this Wednesday night at 4th Street Vine gallery and wine bar in Long Beach and will feature LoveyDove, who probably will play this tune for yas if you ask nicely. There’ll also be a little DJing from DJ Paul “Pollywog” Gonzalez.

Can’t wait that long to hear LoveyDove? LoveyDove is playing TONIGHT at the Dresden Room with Dick & Jane Family Orchestra.

-D. M. Collins