November 14th, 2011 | Staff Blog

I’ve been jamming this thing over and over again all week! It’s the new, free-download 20-track compilation curated by Geoff Geis of his Vanity Projects label-mates and friends.

Check it out here.

Not only does this thing have TWO Michael Nhat collaborations, one of which with So Many Wizards, but it also has a response from Geis himself to Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy,” perhaps the best evocation of that song since Beavis and Butthead watched Death’s “The Philosopher.”

There’re a lot of amazing things here, but I have to confess my favorite thing about this is how many fond memories it evokes of Big Whup, sniff sniff (that’s me crying, not snorting drugs). Here’s hoping they play a show again someday, but if not, clearly that creative energy is going into new and wonderful places, spreading like a rash into the earlobes of unsuspecting Angelenos.

-Dan Collins