July 25th, 2011 | Staff Blog

Do you realize how rare it is to get musical divas who fucking EXPLODE with talent, yet also have taste to go along with their spice? Lady Gaga aside, tonight I can’t think of anyone else in the heady heights of pop music in the past ten years, aside from Amy Winehouse, who has belted out beautiful, womanly pop songs without making me feel saccharine or controlled by the giant corporations-that-be. It’s tragic that Winehouse was controlled by something even worse than that, but I don’t feel like crying, I feel like celebrating her life–and I definitely don’t feel like eulogizing, because, fair readers, you don’t need another teary-eyed 140 character obituary to add to the pile of celebrity sign-offs.  

Fuck it, Amy Winehouse speaks for herself. Here is my personal favorite Winehouse anthem, her cover of the ska classic “Monkey Man,” proving as she so often did that she just don’t care what you think, and exposing Gwen Stefani as a hack in about 12 different ways:

-Dan Collins