March 7th, 2011 | Staff Blog

Spindrift’s influence on L.A. music’s wild west desert theme, without a doubt, got a lot more people wearing cowboy boots over the last few years. The new band lineup went into the desert for a week this past December and recorded Classic Soundtracks, Volume 1, an album that really captures Spindrift’s mind-melting qualities. It’s psychedelic and cinematic and layered, and there’s some sweet flute solos and weird wildness. We’re excited for it to drop in a few months.
They’re premiering a series of videos through IFC. Fancy, ey. Here’s “Shadytown” and “Theme From Confusion Range.”
“Theme From Confusion Range.” Directed by Simon Chan, this vid pays homage to a particularly lowbrow goldmine of American cinema. It’s a parody, sorta, of the kind of 1970s campy films featuring hot scantily clad chicks being chased around for one reason or another.

“Shadytown” Filmmaker J.X. Williams has a very shady story indeed, having spent half his life hiding in Zurich after making some scandalous movies in the 1960s. 1966’s Hollywood Play-Girls, a story featuring detectives and prostitutes, went missing, but a private collector recently unearthed the opening credits. It had no sound and the J.X. Williams Archive asked none other than Spindrift to score it! The gal singing is one of Spindrift’s new members, Sasha Vallely (who also plays a mean flute!).