Celebrate the Ides of March with I’s Of March

March 15th, 2011 | Radio

Bloody Death Skull reveals itself with album I’s Of March. Download this celebration of pure psychic automatism from Bandcamp.

Visit each song by clicking on its artwork:

1. 464 Tears

2. Mormons

3. Monumentous Occasion

4. Princess Martinique

5. Washed In The Blood

6. Down By The River

7. I Miss My Homeland

8. Cuddlin

9. Future’s Lament

10. Beth’s Necklace

11. Bats

12. Holding Hands

13. Shake It Baby

14. OK Game On

15. Ideal Series Of Events

bonus 1: Girls Like You (Hooker Song)

bonus 2: Big Papa

bonus 3: Rudy Was A Basketball Player (excerpt)

bonus 4: (outtake) Washed In The Blood Oh Fuck