March 2nd, 2011 | Radio

Download EMERGENCY SONGS: Before, During, and After, a new concept album by Monk Turner with singer/lyricist Fascinoma that’s got a variety of flavors. Even when the music gets “rough,” her voice remains rather soothing. You can see some pics from the recording process at Monk Turner’s blog.

Here is Monk Turner’s official concept:

LA is due for a massive earthquake but no one is ready.  Also, the city, ergo, the state is broke, so if The Big One hits—the earthquake scientists are predicting will strike in the uncomfortable window of between now and 30 years—the citizenry will suffer.

Everyone knows it is an imminent possibility, but daily life is difficult to live while anticipating total destruction.  Sounds like a sci-fi movie, but in this case, it’s just geography.

In Los Angeles, emergency management organizations and relief agencies are anticipating a crisis on par with Katrina for the City of Angels.  The going rule is that individuals and families will need to have supplies for 3 days to 2 weeks, as crisis management teams focus on larger, infrastructural issues.

Enter music.  A concept album conceived to awaken the imagination of the locals through song and story…charting the various phases of crisis, from pre-quake boredom, to post-quake freeway BBQ’s.   The album starts with an acapella public safety address sung with the help of a backing chorus, The Emergency Choir, that returns throughout the recording to chart the journey.