March 16th, 2010 | Radio

Americans celebrate St. Paddy’s Day not because we love Ireland, but because drinking is such a big part of our lives. Drinking is a glorious edge-taker-offer, a social lubricant, a fast track to party time and getting busy. It’s often the worst thing you could’ve done last night for all those reasons.

L.A. RECORD’s St. Paddy’s Day Mixtape comes in two parts—”Traditional” drinking songs with choruses you wanna put your arms around, and “New Age” drinking songs, so you can get far out this year. Maybe try drinking upside down or mix a Guinness in your cereal.

And if you want to fake an Irish accent to impress your friends, here’s a phrase that will work anywhere. Say these words together quickly: WHALE OIL BEEF HOOKED.


Download: St. Paddy’s Mixtape: Traditional Drinking Songs

Tales That I Tell – He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister
The Missus Won’t Leave Me Alone – Timo and the Back-Up Skanks
Not The Whiskey – The Mo-Ods
All Is Love In Oral Things We Do – Amanda Jo Williams
Dear Honey – Dusty Rhodes And The River Band
So Early In The Morning – Missincinatti
Liver and Onions – Combo P.A.
Crackin’ Up – Johnny O’Donnell
Georgia Moon – Shakey Graves
So, When You Comin’ By – A.B.
6yrs – Restavrant
Show Me The Way To Go Home – Roman Candles


Download: St. Paddy’s Mixtape: New Age Drinking Songs

Salt And Candy – Kid Infinity
Vile Bile – Scribe And The Aborted
Cautionary Drinking – Bloody Death Skull
Battle Hymn Of The Female Socialist Alcoholics – Man-Power
Beer – Michael Nhat
Drink On Floor – Zackey Force Funk
Mass – E and E
Johny Drink Whiskey – Shmadeo Shmead
four P.M. – howardAmb
Howl Like A Wolf – Les bicyclettes blanches
Get Wasted – The Fitz Blitz
National Jamthum – Foot Village

Thanks to all who submitted songs! The next holiday we’ll be celebrating is 4/20, so get to work now.