February 11th, 2010 | Radio

pit er pat by champoyhate

Download: Butchy Fuego’s ‘Sabor Tropical’ Mixtape (Exclusive!)


We asked producer and Pit Er Pat drummer Butchy Fuego to make us a mix to go with his interview, and he gave us this wild beast!

Greetings friends of L.A. RECORD! This is Butchy Fuego, a recent transplant to L.A. I cooked up this mix special for you! A little more than half the songs are either brand new beats that I made just for this mix or remixes I’ve done of friends’ work. The rest is just stuff I’ve been digging since I moved here this summer. There’s a few tunes that are colaborations with or tracks of NGUZUNGUZU, 2 of the house DJs at Wildness—the raddest LBGT weekly party in L.A. Hope you enjoy…
—Butchy Fuego

(Butchy Fuego is a drummer, multi-instrumentalist, beatmaker, recording engineer/producer, and visual artist living in Los Angeles, CA. He is a founding member of the band Pit Er Pat, who he still plays with. Lately he has also been performing with the Boredoms, Matteah Baim, Lucky Dragons, NGUZUNGUZU, and various other incarnations and one-off improvisation performances. Recent production credits include Pit Er Pat, The Red Krayola, Hecuba, These Are Powers, Rainbow Arabia, a solo record and many others.)