June 10th, 2008 | Radio

leon vd broek

We saw Lotus at the first Unreleased Beat Invitational and interviewed him just as his first EP was coming out. Today he becomes the first L.A.-area musician to release a full-length on Warp with his debut Los Angeles.

Brainfeeder Mix by Flying Lotus


Where are you from?
A lil place called the San Fernando Valley. The Canoga Park side of things.
Where do you live now?
Still in the valley, but I’m in Northridge. It’s nice being away from all the insanity of L.A.
Are you digital or vinyl?
If I love the record, I have to have it on vinyl, but I’m cool with that young mp3, too!
What mixer are you using?
I got this really crummy Behringer Eurorack 4-track here in the studio.
What needles are you using?
The crummy one attached to my portable turntable.
What are your turntables of choice?
1200s in my dreams
First time you ever DJed?
It was at the homie’s house party when we were about sixteen or seventeen. It’s funny to think that back on that. It was one of the first times a lot of kids had seen someone just use a laptop to DJ.
Weirdest DJ gig?
Man, something weird happens pretty much EVERY time I play. Wait, define ‘weird.’
What are you playing in your set right now?
I’m looking to throw some weird dubstep into my sets. Really mess people’s brains up. Chopping up some new breaks too!
What are you listening to in your car?
Old Busta Rhymes, Martyn, and pretty much anything my friends are making.
Last record you bought and where?
Man, I went to the Hot Topic (lame) to find a horror-movie shirt, but they had the new Portishead on vinyl… had to buy it. But the best finds lately have been some tapes. Psych stuff.
Best record you scored for $1?
Tomita Snowflakes Are Dancing. I love that damn record!

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