October 7th, 2019 | Photos

Game of Thrones @ The Hollywood Bowl

Photos by Debi Del Grande

One may have thought Halloween arrived a little early on Saturday evening as fans of Game of Thrones were aptly dressed as Daenerys “Dany” Targaryen, Margaery Tyrell and other beloved characters at The Hollywood Bowl as the Game of Thrones concert experience had its final watch.

Soon after Drogon looked upon us on the main screen above the stage (we miss you Drogon!), composer Ramin Djawadi’s young son took the stage to introduce his father. On the heels of his Emmy win for outstanding music composition for a series (original dramatic score), Djawadi and his incredible orchestra with standouts violinist Molly Rogers, cellist Cameron Stone and vocalist Leanna Holly–captured all the epicness that is Game of Thrones, including the most pivotal scenes–moments of love, lost, friendship, betrayal, and death. As we watched and cheered as Daenerys yelled ‚ÄúDracarys,” pyrotechnics shot above the Bowl’s stage. This would occur throughout the show when someone or something would get scorched.

Whatever your thoughts were for the last season, there is no denying the music is exceptional. It is hard to believe the timing and masterful work that was put into this experience– audibly and visually. We relived all our favorite scenes with our favorite characters. Djawadi sat at the piano for the haunting “The Light of the Seven” as we watched Cersei casually take down the Sept of Baelor with wildfire. We were then treated to the appropriate green fireworks.

From the master theme song, “Needle,” “Jenny of Oldstones,” “The Night King, “The Rains of Castamere” and so many more, this was the best ending to Game of Thrones.