October 1st, 2019 | Photos

Photos by Matt Cowan

If you were cruising near the Teragram early Sunday evening, you may have noticed the extremely long line of fans in anticipation for Girl in Red’s final date on her “world in red” tour in the US before heading to Europe later in October.

Kicking off the show, was 16-year-old Isaac Dunbar playing songs off his newly released balloons don’t float here made up of many songs he wrote in his bedroom when he was 14 in Massachusetts. The packed venue fully supported this indie-pop artist who is on his first tour.

In between sets, the crowd remained elbow-to-elbow as they awaited Norway’s Marie Ulven Ringheim who writes, sings and records her own videos. She started the set strong with crowd favorite and new single “Bad Idea!” getting the crowd on their feet. In between the set, she asked the crowd to participate in the performance by asking everyone to sit down on the floor during one song and jumping up at the same time as the band launched into their chorus as well as asking fans to use their cell phone lights at the same time too raising their hands at once. The adoring fans brought plenty of fan signage, flowers and homemade bracelets for the singer. After many “I love you!” were shouted, Ringheim refrained from smashing her Fender guitar on the last song and ended the set instead by stage diving into the tightly packed crowd.