September 27th, 2019 | Photos

Photos and recap by Leslie Kalohi

After a three year hiatus, UK’s Bombay Bicycle Club has resurfaced performing a much anticipated date at The Mayan. With a new album, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong, set to debut in early 2020, enthusiastic fans welcomed the band with deafening applause.

Amidst a backdrop of shimmering colored lights and strobes, Bombay Bicycle Club powered through its catalog with its signature sound of intense guitars and driving bass lines. An inspired sing-a-long broke out among the crowd as the band performed “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” and proved to be a highlight of the night. Although brief on words, the band expressed how good it felt to be back, with a promise of returning back to the states after the album is released.

The young members of The Greeting Committee were impressive during its opening set. Frontwoman Addie Sartino was a fierce, whirling dervish as she sprung onto the stage. The entire band’s energy transformed its sunny pop sounds into an urgent, in-your-face experience.