August 3rd, 2019 | Photos

Photos by Maximilian Ho

Layers upon layers of strings, horns, percussion, and keyboards filled the Teragram Ballroom as singer-songwriter Julia Holter and her bandmates performed back home in LA for the last leg of her tour. Late last year, Holter released her fifth studio album Aviary which continues to bolster her reputation as an artist willing to push the boundaries of music.

For a good hour and a half, we marinated in the world that Holter creates with songs like the melancholic “Words I Heard” and fanciful “Les Jeux to You.” Holter wrapped up the set with the haunting “Betsy on the Roof.”

Singer-composer Ana Roxanne warmed up the early crowd.

Set List:
1. I Shall Love 1
2. Silhouette
3. Underneath the Moon
4. Sea Calls Me Home
5. Voce Simul
6. In the Green Wild
7. Chaitius
8. Words I Heard
9. Whether
10. Les Jeux to You
11. Colligere
12. Feel You
13. I Shall Love 2

14. Goddess Eyes I
15. Betsy on the Roof