July 28th, 2019 | Photos

Superet @ The Moroccan Lounge

Photos by Debi Del Grande

When 15-year-olds are screaming for a band amidst the smoke, lights and noise, it can be quite an ego boost. So when Superet returned to Los Angeles to have their debut album release party for How to Work a Room after having their egos boosted by said 15-year-olds, they were a little nervous. Lead singer/guitarist Matt Blitzer let us know at the beginning of the set, “So, we were nervous to come back to LA because on a night like this, we have so many musicians in the crowd–and that’s not always easy. So if you can, just try and remember that 15-year-old child within yourself and just fucking let loose tonight because we just got our vinyl records in the mail today and that is some exciting 15-year-old shit.”

Along with the debonair Blitzer, bassist Patrick Kelly, drummer Sam KS, Isaac Tamburino on keys/guitar, and Sariah Mae (joining in on keys for Alex Fischel who is currently on tour with Spoon), worked the Moroccan Lounge room hard with songs like “Go to Sleep Kimberly” and “Shapeless Place” where we were down to sing our parts “We got the will to carry on” AND “We got the will to carry us home.”

Blitzer came out solo for the start of the encore playing “Your Song” for the first time. The deafening applause was proof he should play it again and again. The lively set ended with a cover of Blur’s “Girls and Boys.”

Starting the party was KingJet flying solo with upbeat tunes like “Tanlines” and “Lifeguard” and Derde Verde who should have a new album out in October. They are playing Gold Diggers tonight at 8!