July 9th, 2019 | Photos

Photos by Carlos Garcia

A few earthquakes and some fireworks were nothing compared to the shaking and rumbling that happened a few days afterwards at The Teragram Ballrom as Aussies Amyl and The Sniffers conjured up quite the soiree in support of their self-titled debut album.

As soon as the first guitar riff from Dec Martens and the first wail from Amy Taylor exploded from the stage – all hell broke loose as was anticipated and everyone could finally fling about and escape into their mad world.

An endless wave of stage divers unrelentingly fell upon open arms that willingly welcomed the onslaught of bodies that were overwhelmingly female. Taylor dove off the stage more than once to feel the crowd.

“This song is about being a boss bitch.” Watson declared before starting “Control.”

“I like being a big bad boss
I like telling people off
I like working under pressure
I’m a freak, it gives me pleasure

I like control, I’m obsessed

It’s the reason I exist”

Icon Alice Bag preceded with her talented band–David O. Jones, Sharif Dumani and Candace Pk Hansen–for one solid set that had a guest appearance by none other than riot grrrl Allison Wolfe. Alice Bag will be playing The Hi Hat on August 10th. MOSS! started the party.