July 4th, 2019 | Photos

Photos by Matt Cowan

Brothers Sean and Erin Wood were back in LA–after a gig down at Alex’s Bar last week–as The Spits delivered a heart pounding set whipping us into a complete frenzy. The slamming that is par for the course ensued, leaving the night air a welcome relief from the sweat.

Anticipation was high for Sheer Mag. Sipping from her Donald Duck “Mad Genius” coffee cup, vocalist Tina Halladay spoke to the crowd saying… “If you were ever to tell me Sheer Mag would be opening up for The Spits…” before launching into their first song “Meet Me in the Street.”

Building on the energy from preceding Die Group, Sheer Mag delivered a tight, short and cohesive set leaving us ready for more. Sheer Mag will be back playing the Teragram Ballroom on September 22nd just after their sophomore album A Distant Call drops August 23rd.

Public Eye eased the crowd at the Zebulon into the punk fare that was about to commence.