June 9th, 2019 | Photos

Photos by Carlos Garcia

“I got nothing but thanks to say” announced singer Joo-Joo Ashworth. Froth had a lot of things to be thankful for. Friday night marked the release of their new album Duress.

It’s been a minute since Froth played a show, and we welcomed them back with open ears. “This is the first time playing these songs, where there’s a possibility of nobody knowing any of them.”

Froth had nothing to worry about. Quite a few had done their homework and were along for the ride.

Dureess’ single “Laurel” still had Froth’s signature fuzzed out guitar hooks and songs like “Department Head” had everyone’s head bopping along with its melodic guitar lines.

Froth closed out the show with an elongated version of“a2.” A song that us itching to give Duress another round.

Along for the party were Adult Books and Cosmonauts