May 13th, 2019 | Photos

Photos by Carlos Garcia

Lead vocalist/guitarist Georgia McDonald “Georgia Maq” of Camp Cope may have said she finds playing LA intimidating, but there was much love at The Bootleg Theatre for this Melbourne trio at the sold out show. Along with lead bassist Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich and drummer Sarah Thompson, Camp Cope–through their music and McDonald’s quips–instantly connected to the crowd.

Along with poignant and heartfelt lyrics, McDonald brought along great stage banter. Topics ranged from her crush on Post Malone, the condescending A-hole at Whole Foods, American’s love for guns and even the topic of washing one’s legs in the shower (she is opposed to it if you’re curious.)

Camp Cope is still riding high off last year’s release of How to Socialise & Make Friends. Other artists helped out on a few songs, including Elise Okusami of Oceantor on “The Opener” and Chris Farren on “Lost.”

McDonald checked in on us at one point asking, “I hope you’re having a good time. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any point, please go see one of the staff members or our beautiful friend Jeremy who is at the merch table–sometimes I feel like I’m preaching to the choir, but the more that women and queer people talk about the subject of sexual assault and rape and sexism, it can only go so far. What we need is all the men in this audience to start talking about these issues. Because this affects you and it affects all of us. We all need to fix it. If one of your friends is being a creep call him the fuck out! We all have a responsibility to solve this. This is how this all gets better.” Camp Code leads a campaign dedicated to preventing and reporting incidents at concerts and festivals called It Takes One.

The show was opened by An Horse and Oceanator