May 4th, 2019 | Photos

Photos by Katy Gumble

Every time the No Cal SWMRS play in So Cal, it feels like they live here, belong here. They have many friends and fans here. So it wasn’t a surprise when they sold out the Belasco, concluding their Berkeley’s on Fire tour. Although most of the bands who played were male, the theme of the night was empowering females.

SWMRS started their set by addressing the frequency of sexual assault at concerts, and asked us to enjoy their show as a supportive community–wanting to make sure everyone could participate and feel safe. This included the very young girls near the barricade who knew the words to the SWMRS’ songs.

Local babes No Parents brought tons of freaky energy and played some tunes from a new album coming out in the Fall. As their set ended, balloons full of “cash” were thrown into the theatre causing a bit of excitement.

Beach Goons represented Mexico well, and so did the crowd, most of their moshers were latinx.

Destroy Boys started the show and took the opportunity to create an all-female mosh pit to the delight of many females (all hail Bikini Kill).

Setlist via setlist.fm

Trashbag Baby
D’You Have a Car?
Berkeley’s on Fire
Too Much Coffee
Lose Lose Lose
Old Town Road (Lil Nas X cover)
Lonely Ghosts
IKEA Date / Bad Allergies
April in Houston
Figuring It Out
Palm Trees
Lose It
Harry Dean
Volver, Volver (Vicente Fernández cover)
Drive North