January 27th, 2019 | Photos

FIDLAR @ The Teragram Ballroom

Photos by Debi Del Grande

So close and almost free. A solid lineup of local bands helped celebrate the third album from FIDLAR, which dropped Friday. There was a crazy show at The Echo on Friday and the Teragram Ballroom last night. The pent-up energy of their dedicated fans had to be released a little when The Side Eyes started things off with two new songs, Max filling in on drums and a lot of power from vocalist Astrid McDonald.

Those saving their energy for FIDLAR’s set soon gave up when No Parents sucked us in with their force of energy–frontman Zoe Reign at the helm. Keep an eye out for more gigs.

The wait was finally over. Zac Carper, Brandon Schwartzel, Max Kuehn, and Elvis Kuehn walked on stage to screams of delight. The usual stage diving, crowd surfing and good times were had. As with the Palladium show a few months back, Carper asked the crowd to split and have the girls in the middle for a female only mosh pit for one song. No bro bullshit! No selling out. Rent to be paid.

The new album, Almost Free, moves the men of FIDLAR forward with songs that are a little deeper, a little wiser, but still a lot of fun.