September 30th, 2018 | Photos

Photos and recap by ZB Images

Los Angeles native Beck had fun playing in front of his hometown crowd Friday night at The Hollywood Bowl. He kicked off the night with classics like “Devils Haircut” and “The New Pollution.” Beck then mused how Los Angeles makes a lot of weirdos and a lot of them were in his audience. Through out the night, Beck threw out Hollywood trivia that natives might know like that The Hollywood Bowl sits on the grounds of an old camel farm and that the owner used to race them down Highland Blvd.

Talking about his new album Colors, Beck said it was more positive than albums of the past because he was trying to channel all the good vibes he gets from all of his fans. The stage was lit with huge panels of delightful images, vibrant colors and patterns and happy LA imagery like palm trees and swimming pools. Adding to the visual effects, were lasers that crossed the sky above the venue. The set tripped through fan favorites and was sprinkled with new songs. About halfway through the nearly two-hour set (pushing the limits of the Bowl’s strict curfew), Beck brought out friend Fred Martin who mentors kids through a program called Levite Camp. Martin and his protégés joined Beck and his harmonica and slide guitar for a few soulful revitalesque songs.

Sticking with his positive message, Beck let us know that there was “hope for all of us (weirdos)” and the he thinks we all are going to make it. Beck thanked many friends in the audience and dedicated songs to them such as “Like A Ship (Without a Sail)” to his friend Emily and her twins.

At that point Beck seemed to let loose and said “What should we do now?” Treating the legendary venue like a personal backyard hang, he teased “We can do anything we want! Any requests?” He then reminisced about living on Silver Lake Blvd. when he was working on his first album and below him lived two “truck driving neighbors” the inspiration for his next song which is explained in real life ended badly with one of them going on a speed binge and smashing a bunch of windshields. He contributed his trip down memory lane recalling an old record store they used to hang at and a story about walking down Sunset on a hot day because the LA band X was having a signing and he concluded “Yep, they existed–they were there” implying he was also a weird awkward teen.

Throughout the night, Beck mixed in some random songs from the Beatles to Kanye. He got the crowd to yell “WOW” like Owen Wilson and he demanded they sing “Loser” loud enough to be heard past Sunset, Fountain–all the way to Santa Monica Blvd.

Beck thanked his talented band and Annie Clark aka St. Vincent aka St. Vicious who opened the night with a DJ set and he had the crowd sing “Happy Birthday” to her.

We are all Beck’s weirdos.


Devils Haircut
The New Pollution/Making Time (The Creation cover)
Mixed Bizness
Up All Night
Qué Onda Güero
Debra (Beck acoustic solo)
Raspberry Beret (Beck acoustic solo) (Prince cover)
Nicotine & Gravy
Hollywood Freaks
I’m So Free
Dear Life
Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods
Like a Ship (Without a Sail) (Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir cover)
Lost Cause
Truckdrivin Neighbors Downstairs (Yellow Sweat) (partial)
Blue Moon
Where It’s At
Good Times/Miss You/Blue Monday/Once In A Lifetime/In The Air Tonight
One Foot In The Grave
Where It’s At (Reprise)