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June 30th, 2018 | Photos

Photos by David Fisch

It’s always a good time when you’re at a concert for Boston’s The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, the purveyors of ska punk and originators of ska core, but it’s a more special moment to witness these guys, now essentially a legacy act, performing their platinum-selling album Let’s Face It in its entirety in a time when the album has never felt more prescient. The 90-minute set last evening at The Regent was a comforting solace from the news of the world and, with celebrating Let’s Face It, a powerful reminder of what sobering times we currently live. Even band leader Dicky Barrett admitted to the sold-out crowd that it was sad to be singing the the album’s title track in times like these.

Given the band’s overwhelming stage presence and instrumental command, it was still a rousingly fun event. Moshers and crowd-surfers owned the floor while the band poured out “Royal Oil” and “The Impression That I Get” as well as new tunes from their latest record While We’re At It-like the anthemic “The Constant” and “Wonderful Day for the Race.” At one point, a woman was able to join the band on stage to dance after her poster got Barrett’s attention. “Only in L.A.” he said.

To top off their final performance of Let’s Face It in its entirety, Barrett entertained the idea of bringing forth the “4th generation of ska” from two different areas of the world: openers Los Kung Fu Monkeys and Buster Shuffle. The English Buster Shuffle embodied the thrill-a-second band stylings of Jerry Lee Lewis, performing with eye-raising antics that felt fresh for something that had been procured half-a-century ago. The Tijuana-based Monkeys bled the Bosstones spirit of ska-core with a huge and lively assortment of stage presence.