May 5th, 2018 | Photos

Photos by Eduardo Luis

Five musicians – lead vocalist/guitarist Richard Araiza, guitarist Dakota Böttcher, bassist Sean Redman, drummer/multi-instrumentalist Modeste ‘Cobi’ Cobián, and saxophonist/keyboardist London Guzmånwho – are quickly paving their way down the road of successas The Buttertones played The Regent last night with Traps PS opening.

Even though diehards didn’t know the lyrics from most of the new tracks, that didn’t stop them from trying to sing along. The Buttertones showcased new songs “Jungle,” “Winks and Smiles,” “You and Your Knife” and “Midnight in a Moonless Dream” off their latest Midnight in a Moonless Dream. “Classics” were also played such as “Bad Girl,” “She’s at Ease,” “Orpheus Under the Influence” and Luna Estupenda.” We all lost our shit when the band played their last song, which ended up being their own version of “La Bamba.”