November 11th, 2017 | Live reviews

Photos by Marcos Manrique Words by Madison Desler.

“Every show is our last show, so catch us while we’re hot,” reads the Bandcamp bio of Wild Wing, the local cow-punk quartet that took over The Smell. It’s a telling sentence—one that speaks to the band’s rag-tag DIY ethos and high-energy shows—almost as telling as their Facebook bio: “Emerged fully formed from our mothers’ assholes.”

An intriguing mix of twangy country, balls-out garage punk, and a bit of political commentary thrown in for extra vitriol, Wild Wing bashed through a short set under technicolor lights—co-frontmen Max Garland and David Gantz trading vocals over thrashy cymbals and Country Teasers riffs.

“Sound The Alarm” kicked off the mosh-pit, the relentless guitars and nasally delivery of insurgent lyrics like, “Now you’re a slave to a fucking slumlord…staying alive is such a chore” creating the perfect soundtrack for the all-ages crowd to bash each others heads in. It wasn’t the most barbaric show we’ve seen them play—it’s hard to work yourself up for a sparsely filled room— but the 40 or less teens jammed out valiantly nonetheless

A new song with chugging bass and a taunting chorus of “Whatchu gonna do,” was a surprising standout, and the ironic surf riff of “So LA” and mellower vibe of “More Room For Us” showed the band’s range, but it’s the stomping, country-fried stuff that they do best, running through the rodeo-in-hell smashers “Acid Casanova” and “Hee Haw” like a well-oiled machine. A tractor. With flames on it.

The show was opened by Dumb Fucks, a hardcore punk outfit that requested only red lights as they raged through lightening-speed, 45-second doses of anarchy, and Kuromi, who kept the early crowd going with their easy-going stage presence and songs like catchy, sugar-punk songs like “Smiling Pile Of Shit.”