November 3rd, 2017 | Photos

Photos by Danny Hernandez

It was an intimate and fun affair with Weezer at Amoeba Music on Wednesday. They performed an acoustic set promoting the release of their newest album Pacific Daydream. This included new tunes “Feels Like Summer” and “Happy Hour” as well as crowd favorites “Say it Ain’t So” and “Beverly Hills.”

At exactly 6:00 p.m., the background music stopped and everyone standing between the vinyls knew what was about to go down. Weezer gave us a brief greeting and jumped right into “Island in the Sun.” The “W” symbol was held up several times symbolizing the iconic and recognizable Weezer tradition.

Frontman Rivers Cuomo made sure to thank everyone for purchasing their new album, which allowed the admission. Weezer is set to begin a national tour beginning next year performing together with the Pixies.

Set List:
Say it aint so
El Scorcho
Mexican Fender
Happy Hour
Beverly Hills
Feels like Summer
Buddy Holly
Island in the Sun
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