March 19th, 2016 | Photos

FloggingMolly_IrvineMeadows_17 Photos and recap by Leslie Kalohi

Thousands of green-clad fans gave Irvine Meadows a proper send-off at the start of its final season by celebrating St. Paddy’s Day with Flogging Molly and oceans of Guinness.

Following a TV taping earlier in the night for Jimmy Kimmel Live, a helicopter transported the band from Hollywood to Irvine so as not to miss the party. Frontman Dave King commented it may have been the first time that Guinness was drunk in the back of a helicopter.

Guinness continued to flow with a full bar on stage complete with bartender for both the band and a few lucky fans who were able to drink and sometimes toast with the band during the night.

Flogging Molly’s “Devil’s Dance Floor” was mostly a raucous one as the band teared through its celtic-punk catalog. Fans in the pit received high praise from King for dancing and thrashing about in such a small space during songs like “Another Bag of Bricks,” “The Kilburn High Road,” and “Black Friday Rule.”

A few tender moments of reflection were had during the acoustic “The Wanderlust” as well as a dying sentiment from King’s mother to “enjoy life,” a fitting piece of advice for everyone. The set also included a few songs rarely performed live, like “Guns of Jericho.”

The party eventually had to end, and it did so with a great gathering on stage for “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” from Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

Gogol Bordello proved to be the perfect band for this St. Patrick’s Day bill, as the self proclaimed “gypsy punks” were got the crowd nice and riled up during its hour long set.

(No More) Paddy’s Lament
Another Bag of Bricks
Drunken Lullabies
The Hand of John L. Sullivan
Whistles the Wind
The Kilburn High Road
Requiem for a Dying Song
The Wanderlust
Guns of Jericho
Life in a Tenement Square
Devil’s Dance Floor
Black Friday Rule
Irish Pub Song
The Seven Deadly Sins
What’s Left of the Flag
Tobacco Island
If I Ever Leave This World Alive
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
(Monty Python song)