The Shrine's blow out Rare Breed Experience in Downtown LA." /> L.A. Record


January 24th, 2016 | Photos

The_Shrine_1-23-16-20 Photos by Debi Del Grande

Leather jackets, long hair, hot pole dancers, motorcycles, free drinks and a war theme. This is what you get when 1100 people rsvp to party at your home for The Shrine‘s blow out Rare Breed Experience in Downtown LA. Playing an early set for industry individuals, Josh Landau (vocals/guitar), Court Murphy (bass) and Jeff Murray (drums) played a short set in front of the American flag as people trickled in.

Then the party really got started. It was packed inside and outside. As Arctic started their set, the crowd in front of the stage fell forward holding up their beers and fists. The Shrine came back for the “real” set with the crowd going nuts as they held Landau in the air. None other than Nik Turner from Hawkwind played sax on some Motörhead tunes. Lemmy’s spirit was all over the place.