October 3rd, 2015 | Photos

Photos and words by Debi Del Grande

The Numanoids were out in full force for the third and final evening of Gary Numan playing three classic albums in three nights at The Teragram Ballroom. Most of us have never heard these songs live. How lucky we are to live in this city. But those who don’t live here, flew in from Indiana, Ohio, New York, England, Columbia, Mars, etc. to hear these classics and more. Numan is very kind to his fans, always holding meet and greets, VIP rehearsals and specials for those loyal ones.

Replicas, The Pleasure Principle and Telekon were each played on their respective evenings in their entirety along with other classics. Each show had 59 (Numan kept one) colored and signed vinyls. Unfortunately, the Telekon vinyls didn’t make it on time for this particular evening. But no need to cry, Beggars Banquet has re-released all three on black vinyl.

Gone are the days of Numan’s robotic and mechanical presence on stage. But those were different times. Today, he has a loving family, produces new music and lets himself go on stage. As most musicians of that period have slowed down, Numan has boundless energy and a voice that captures the darkened soul.

When Numan and his incredible band of precision came on stage to play 1980’s Telekon, the deafening applause caused a big grin on his face. How could it not? We know this artist has influenced Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and the Foo Fighters. This is someone who deserves our respect.

Numan was never still as he lunged forward to the crowd who sang loud and proud to every single song. There were so many highlights, but the beautiful “Please Push No More,” and “Down in the Park” stood out.

For those who aren’t aware of Gary Numan besides maybe the hit “Cars,” take a listen to these three albums. And if you happened to be in London towards the end of October, he is doing it all again.

This Wreckage
Remind Me to Smile
Sleep by Windows
I Dream of Wires
I’m an Agent
The Aircrash Bureau
Remember I Was Vapour
Please Push No More
The Joy Circuit
We Are Glass
I Die: You Die
Down in the Park
Are ‘Friends’ Electric?
Everyday I Die
We Are So Fragile