August 5th, 2015 | Photos

Photos and words by Samantha Saturday

“Yeah, I’m more of a 12pm waiting-for-the-doors-to-open kind of guy,” was Travis Shettel’s response to a fan’s suggestion that there be an after party at The Gold Room following Shettel’s intro to a song that pays homage to the local favorite bar. His newest band Fakers, alongside brothers Joey and Andy Siara of the now (semi) defunct band Henry Clay People, will be rocking the Echo all month with their well-deserved residency. Without wasting a second, each song was better than the last. This is truly a band of equals, switching positions up throughout the set, even with the awesome surprise of drummer Benji Heywood manning the mic for a song. Beer was poured (and not just in cups) and equipment was climbed. Toward the end of the set, Andy Siara began scaling the stack of amps next to Heywood, stopping at the highest one and remained kneeling on it for the remainder of the song and precariously climbing down as it ended. Be sure to catch Fakers during their next three residency shows and next weekend at Echo Park Rising. If you attend one of the residency shows, you can pick up Fakers’ brand spanking new 7″ Personality Voices!

Following Fakers, VS Colour treated those who stuck around with some funky, yet rocking jams. Plus, how can you not want to stick around to see what a guy dressed in Dorothy costume will do?

Afternoons drew a pretty substantial crowd of their own. Fans danced and sang along with their exuberant indie-pop songs, perfect for a warm summer night – or afternoon, even.

It takes some serious chops and stage presence to pull off being an instrumental opening band. Four-piece Barrows certainly had no trouble grabbing and holding the early crowd’s attention with some intricate and ear-catching riffs.