Big Talk and we went directly to homebase for about an hour at The Troubadour." /> L.A. Record


July 22nd, 2015 | Photos

Photos and words by Debi Del Grande

A second baby was produced by friends Ronnie Vannucci Jr. (drummer for The Killers) and guitarist Taylor Milne. Straight In, No Kissin is the second album from Big Talk and we went directly to homebase for about an hour at The Troubadour. Joining Vannucci and Milne on stage were John Spiker and John Konesky of Tenancious D glory who were obviously having a great time shredding it up as Brooks Wackerman held everyone together on drums. Vannucci’s great twisted humor came quickly between songs and filtered in a few, but the guys got down to business when needed. Big Talk also had some exceptional t-shirts at merch that are soft and female friendly.

“More bucket!” cried someone from the floor as a good ol time was had a little earlier with Snakearm. Troy Murrah and Tyler Whiteside produce so much foot-stomping music that it’s impossible to just stand there. Murrah is a whiz on guitar and Whiteside doesn’t need a fancy drum kit to produce the beats he does. This was their pre-record release show as Snakearm’s official record release show is this Friday at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach.

Big Talk Setlist:
What Happened to Delisa?
La Rue D’Awakening
White Dove
Hold That Line
Animal Husband
The Void
Cocktail Party
What the Night Can Do
I’ve Been Sentimental Lately
Living in Pictures
Anything That’s Rock n Roll
Another Satellite
Neon’s Not Enough Light