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May 1st, 2015 | Photos

Photos and words by Cortney Armitage

The early evening air was warm as the sun set and the peacocks screamed. Teens and their parents lined up early outside the beautiful Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery for London’s AlunaGeorge. AlunaGeorge is Aluna Francis and George Reid. However, Reid was absent from this particular gig. The silky-smooth-skilled rave-pop created inside had the hot and packed room grooving as Francis played through the set. Diehards crammed in the front and she was incredibly gracious to the bold fans that climbed onto the stage. Francis engaged and danced with them before they returned to the crowd. To quote an attendee after the show: “Where is that new album?”

LA’s Penthouse Penthouse makes music to make love to. With their extended electronic tunes, high electronic voices and beats per minute set perfectly for sexy town, the set was taken to a “Is this happening!?!” moment as they launched into a sexy cover of Sisqo’s “Thong Song.” Grooving with artist Sophia Black, the guys put smiles on faces.