April 14th, 2015 | Photos

Photos and words by Cortney Armitage

Benjamin Booker has a voice that is ageless, earthy and unique. The twenty-five year old New Orleans based singer-songwriter, humbly and begrudgingly admitted that he was suffering from a nasty case of strep throat. After the first song, he asked the lights be lowered, closed his eyes, went deep inside himself, found some magic and managed to turn The Roxy into his garage and rocked it. He gave everything he had to the sold out show and the crowd embraced every minute of it. His latest album BENJAMIN BOOKER – Live at Third Man Records is available exclusively on 12″ VINYL.

Eagulls@TheRoxy_4_9 - 03

The Eagulls have been touring with Ride (catch them tonight at Fox Pomona) and are also playing Coachella on Friday so we were lucky to catch them preceding Booker. The English post-punk band from Leeds created a mood that kept the crowd swaying.

SmallWigs@TheRoxy_4_9 - 01

Small Wigs kicked off the evening and our hometown heroes had some exciting news. Elvis and Max Kuehn, Mikki Itzigsohn and Matt Zukare are continuing on with Benjamin Booker, for three more shows, Santa Ana, San Diego and Las Vegas.