February 20th, 2015 | Photos

BEST COAST-ECHO-2-19-15-192
Photos and words by Debi Del Grande
It was hot and sweaty inside the packed Echo last night as LA’s own Best Coast played some brand new songs from their third album California Nights. Even in the heat, Bethany Cosentino kept her cool while playing guitar and belting out several tunes, including one they rarely play, “Honey.” Glad to see Bob Bruno with his metal hair back as he shredded with his eyes closed and snuck in a smile or two.
However, the duo wasn’t alone on stage. Three additional musicians helped enhance the live sounds of the new tunes, including “Feeling OK” – a song about being happy, kind of.
Cosentino and Bruno played the same stage six years ago and we thank them for their appreciation of the fans by sharing their new babies. California Nights comes out on May 5th on Harvest Records.

Local trio Sad Girl supported with its retro vibes and catchy cover of No Doubt’s “Sunday Morning.”

Best Coast Setlist:
Last Year
The Lonely Morning
Heaven Sent
The End
When I’m With You
Something in the Way
Crazy for You
California Nights
Only Place
How They Want Me to Be
Our Deal
Summer mood
I Want To
Feeling OK
Each and Every Day
Bratty B
Do You Love Me Like You Used To