February 15th, 2015 | Photos

The Dodos @ The Roxy Theatre - Feb. 13, 2015
Photos and words by Scott Sheff
Indie rock duo The Dodos proved a minimalist approach to music can deliver a big sound. With just a row of guitars and a drum kit on stage, guitarist/vocalist Meric Long and drummer/percussionist Logan Kroeber delivered a robust set filled with catchy hooks, rhythms and beats at The Roxy before a packed house. Throughout the night, Long mesmerized the crowd as he picked away at his guitar with ferocity while moving about the stage with cat-like reflexes. For his part, Kroeber tenaciously kept beat by nailing drum lines and matching Long’s energy. With six albums under their belt, including their latest release Individ, fans had plenty of songs to sing along to throughout the set.

Springtime Carnivore @ The Roxy Theatre  - Feb. 13, 2015
Springtime Carnivore, the solo project of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Greta Morgan, played as a four-piece band to produce a sound ranging from folk to up-tempo pop. With simple, yet catchy beats to back up Morgan’s soothing and seductive vocals, Springtime Carnivore is a feast for indie pop fans. Springtime Carnivore’s self-titled debut album was released late last fall.

William Alexander @ The Roxy Theatre - Feb. 13, 2015
Former member of The Meanest Boys turned solo multi-instrumentalist William Alexander kicked off the night and left quite an impression on the crowd. While technically a solo project, Alexander was accompanied by a full band, making the night less about himself and more about the music as a whole. From dark bass lines to catchy guitar riffs, Alexander created an eclectic mix of rock to dictate the mood and set the perfect tone to the night.