February 15th, 2015 | Photos

Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake @ The Satellite, LA - 02/13/2015
Photos and words by Maximilian Ho

John Reis never seems to slow down. After a few recent shows at Alex’s Bar with Rocket from the Crypt, he was back at it as Swami (Swami Records) John Reis and The Blind Shake at The Satellite.

Reis addressed the crowd. “We’re not like surfers really. You know? I took these guys surfing for the first time a couple months ago when we were down in San Diego. Have you listened to like what the music that the surfers are making? Have you heard that? It is an abomination. It takes people who don’t surf to make surf music to fucking make surf music. I tell you it’s true. This is a fact.” An audience member shouted, “How about Jack Johnson?” “Ok, there are the exceptions,” replied John Reis. Laughter permeated through the crowd. “You got me there.” Regardless, what isn’t in dispute is that attendees appeared to be enjoying the music from his latest project with The Blind Shake, a punk trio from Minneapolis. The thunderous sound of Jim Blaha playing through his beat up JCM 800, his brother Mike with his baritone Danelectro, and Reis playing alongside him was awe inspiring. Drummer Dave Roper kept things upbeat for most of the set. The group’s new album Modern Surf Classics is an eclectic collection of tracks paying tribute to surf culture. “Sets Of Fire” is a surprisingly hard hitting song while “Brown Room” has a lazy-hazy feel to it, and “Poseidon’s Tears” sound so cool and refreshing. They will be touring through end of February. Reis, will of course, be back with the much anticipated Drive Like Jehu for a few dates, including Coachella. Whether he’s in one of the aforementioned bands or in Hot Snakes, Reis should never be missed.

Mrs. Magician @ The Satellite, LA - 02/13/2015
San Diego garage rockers Mrs. Magician played some catchy tunes steeped in nostalgia. A song they played was inspired by frontman Jacob Turnbloom’s ex-girlfriend and there were no tears.

Junk @ The Satellite, LA - 02/13/2015
Local band Junk preceded. They’re relatively new on the scene and fronted by Evan Weiss, former member of PAPA.