February 15th, 2015 | Photos

Cherry Glazerr
Photos and words by David Benjamin

The kids were definitely alright as school was out and the weekend began with tunes from Cherry Glazerr at The Echo. CG headlined the show and the fans who waited since doors opened still had plenty of energy left for their energetic set. Moshers and crowd surfers made many appearances while a plastic blow-up doll bounced its way around the stage and crowd.

LA Witch
L.A. Witch has been working hard and playing many gigs. Their set was mellower than the rest of the bill, but they fit in just perfectly as the calm before the Cherry Glazerr storm. Their psychedelic style hypnotized the crowd that had just been going crazy for The Frights and no one seemed to mind that one bit.

The Frights
After catching
The Frights opening for Fidlar a few weeks ago, they unleashed an unrelenting barrage of songs that really got the crowd going. Fans were jumping on and off stage, sometimes singing and even kissing a member of the band before jumping back off. The set was wild and intense. These three guys from San Diego are welcome in LA any time.