February 8th, 2015 | Photos

The Happy Hollows @ The Satellite, LA - 02/05/2015
Photos and words by Maximilian Ho
As the crowd cheered for what seemed like hours, the magnetic singer/guitarist Sarah Negahdari told us “I love you so much. Thank you for being out so late on a work night.” Negahdari is a force in the local music scene and with bandmates bassist Charlie Mahoney and guitarist Matt Fry, The Happy Hollows put on another fantastic show at The Satellite. Negahdari slipped in some two-handed tapping licks with her red Gibson SG while playing “Galaxies.” Negahdari went on an all-out charm offensive, enchanting the crowd with her quirkiness and feral energy as they played catchy tunes. The band performed some new, unreleased songs and Negahdari alluded to spending time in the studio recording new material.

Torches @ The Satellite, LA - 02/05/2015
Torches, the band comprised of singer/guitarist Azad Cheikosman and drummer Eric Fabbro dished out their moody style of indie pop music. Bassist Adrian Acosta joined them on stage in addition to a violinist who gave the melodic parts some flare. Cheikosman expressed excitement to be playing as he put it “We’ve been in a cave for a little while.” Their fans couldn’t agree more.

Roses @ The Satellite, LA - 02/05/2015
Roses opened up the show playing a short set of their synthy new wave material. Frontman Marc Steinberg multitasked singing vocals, playing keyboards, and triggering samples from his sequencer. Guitarist Juan Velasquez played shimmery guitar parts while Victor Herrera infused some groove into the beat.