February 6th, 2015 | Photos

Bass Drum of Death @ The Echo, LA - 02/03/2015
Photos and words by Maximilian Ho

Wild and crazy times once again at The Echo. With Bass Drum of Death crashing into town, they put two solid local support bands on the bill causing rabid fans to be there when doors opened.

It’s been a little while since Mississippi’s Bass Drum of Death played in LA. The heavy sounding band kicked off their set playing the catchy rock anthem “Bad Reputation.” It was kind of a blur after that as bodies were flying all around. Safest areas were in the bathroom or the door to the outside world where no one seemed to want to be.

Beach Party @ The Echo, LA - 02/03/2015
Beach balls and an inflatable dolphin flew through the air as Beach Party brought their festive garage punk vibe to the stage. James Hurst and Rob Banks churned out some nostalgic guitar sounds while the rhythm section consisting of drummer Nico Macciocca and bassist Adam Arcos kept things upbeat. The band played some new songs that few have heard live as fans and friends cheered on.

Criminal Hygiene @ The Echo, LA - 02/03/2015
Thankfully, locals Criminal Hygiene filled the opening slot at the last minute. Guitarist Michael Fiore and bassist Michael Hiller ripped a few solos and switched instruments. Hiller even tried to get a better sound from Fiore’s guitar.