February 1st, 2015 | Photos

Crash Kings-0016
Photos and words by David Valera
A rock-n-roll and without a lead guitar? L.A.-based Crash Kings made it so when they headlined The Satellite. The band rolled out a few hundred pounds of piano and a whammy bar on a Clavinet, a bassist and a drummer. Brothers, Antonio “Tony” Beliveau (vox, piano) and Mike Beliveau (bass), with Tom Roslak (drums) are on tour promoting their new, completely independent release EP Live Nudes. Tony Beliveau stated, “Recorded at Wembly Studios, we’re cutting straight to the chase and recording some songs live in the studio that are just simply piano, bass, drums, and vocals. We’re not recording a lot of overdubs or layers (maybe a harmony vocal here or there). These recordings are honestly just a single take of us playing together raw and live in the studio.”

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean it’s rudimentary or simplistic. Crash Kings’ sound is everything but simple, exhibiting complex and layered sonics that the Beliveau brothers have mastered. Heart pounding tones on “Mountain Man” take you on an emotional ride. “You Got Me” got everyone stomping holes in the floor with a forceful grooves of bass line and breaks. Watching Antonio’s fingers dance across the keyboards should amaze just about anyone lucky enough to get close enough to see the black keys.

My Goodness-0015
Seattle blues/garage rockers My Goodness is led by Joel Schneider (guitar/vox) and Andy Lum (drums). “Bottle” is a gorgeous ballad that features the sensitivity of Schneider’s vocals and “Cold Feet Killer” showcases his rock guitar prowess. “Check Your Bones” has a swinging bluesy tone deploying shifts of time-signature and tempo.

Most of the crowd was actually there when doors opened for local guys Badflower as they rushed the tiny stage to get a spot. Josh Katz (vox/guitar), Joseph Morrow (guitar), Alex Espiritu (bass), and Anthony Sonetti (drums) hit the stage with an honest approach and sophisticated storytelling. A relatively new band, they have a surprising maturity and polish.

Crash Kings’ Set List:
Ms. Mysterious
You Got Me
6 Foot Tall
Hot Fire
It’s Only Wednesday
Some Call It Love
Non Believer
Dressed to The 9’s
All Along
Mountain Man
Saving Grace