November 14th, 2014 | Photos

RUN THE JEWELS | Los Angeles
Photos and words by Samantha Satudray
Killer Mike and El-P don’t fuck around. For the 13th installment of Red Bull’s 30 Days in LA, Run the Jewels raised the bar. While the crowd played it cool for both openers, it was clear they were just saving their energy, erupting as soon as RTJ entered to “We Are The Champions” by Queen. Even before the barrage of special guests, the duo was destroying everything in their path. “If everything goes as planned, we’ve got some very special guests for you.” With the wide range of guest appearances on Run The Jewels 2, it’s rare to see so many of them assembled in one place. Despot (“Blockbuster Night, Pt. 2”), Zach De La Rocha (“Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)”), Travis Barker (“All Due Respect”), and Gangsta Boo (“Love Again (Akinyele Back)”) all appeared to fulfill their respective guest spots. To cap the night, Run The Jewels paid their respects to Ikey Owens (“the best dude I ever knew,” declared El-P), dedicating “Angel Duster” to their late friend.

THURZ | Los Angeles
Thurz has long been a supporter of reviving early hip-hop vibes, evident in his full band set up, bringing an eclectic sound. Run The Jewels was not the only group to have special guests. Thurz melded the current and past eras of hip hop by bringing up rapper Overdoze and West Coast hip hop icon DJ Quik.