May 1st, 2014 | Photos

FRANZ FERDINAND-WILTERN-APRIL 29, 201453April 29, 2014
Photos and words by Debi Del Grande
Those sharp, slick, and smart Scots took a hold of the adoring crowd at the Wiltern Theatre from the first to last note. The set was a perfect blend of older hits as well as tunes from Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action.
Franz Ferdinand are masters at live gigs and it was no surprise this one was sold out. Alex Kapranos’ voice never wavers and his stage presence is magnetic. But the real magic happens when Nick McCarthy (rhythm guitar, keyboards and backing vocals), Paul Thomson (drums, percussion and backing vocals), and Bob Hardy (bass guitar) and Kapranos come together as one solid unit. These guys have been together since the beginning. I do hope one day I’ll catch Hardy doing a sweet jump.
“Walk Away” was a definite highlight. Of course, they did their customary drum-off around the man who was moving our feet, Thomson on “Ulysses.” As the encore started, Kapranos came onstage solo to start “Jacqueline” as the others soon joined him after their group massage. Opener Cate Le Bon was a spitfire on Blondie’s cover of “Call Me.”
The second I caught my breath, it was time to dance again.

No You Girls
The Dark of the Matinée
Tell Her Tonight
Evil Eye
Do You Want To
The Fallen
Fresh Strawberries
Walk Away
Stand on the Horizon
Can’t Stop Feeling
Auf Achse
Lucid Dreams
Darts of Pleasure
Brief Encounters
Take Me Out
Love Illumination
Right Action
Call Me (Blondie cover) (with Cate Le Bon)
This Fire
Goodbye Lovers & Friends