March 10th, 2014 | Photos

NO @ The Troubadour - March 8, 2014
Photos and words by Scott Sheff
It’s hard to imagine that after all the shows played over the years by Echo Park’s NO, that not once have they performed an encore. That all changed at The Troubadour, when the indie rockers came back out after their set to play “There’s a Glow” for their hometown fans, its first encore ever. “We don’t do encores, but for you Los Angeles…,” said lead singer Bradley Hanan Carter in his brilliant Kiwi accent. Quite poetic that this would be their first encore given the song’s lyrics “it’s all about to change.” Perhaps there are more encores in the band’s future? We shall see.

The Darcys: The Darcys @ The Troubadour - March 8, 2014
If there was ever a better time for two Canadian bands to hit LA, it is now. With temps in the 80s here, and sub-freezing temps back in Canada, that fact did not go unappreciated. “People of LA, do not ever take for granted the weather you have. We just left a Polar Vortex,” said Jason Couse, lead singer for the Toronto indie rock group The Darcys. With their rich harmonies and guitar-driven melodies, The Darcys did their part to keep things hot with a feverish set.

Reuben and the Dark: Reuben and the Dark @ The Troubadour - March 8, 2014
But the Darcys weren’t the only ones who enjoyed being in LA. Reuben and the Dark’s lead singer and band namesake Reuben Bullock echoed that feeling: “It’s good to be in LA.” The feeling was mutual, at least for a couple girls near the front of the stage who mumbled: “Good to have you in LA…can you stay?” They may not stay behind, but they left a lasting impression on those in attendance with the complex harmonizing among the band’s four members. Let’s both bands make a return appearance soon. Regardless of the weather.

NO’s Set List
Another Life
What’s Your Name
So Scared
Last Chance
The Long Haul
Leave the Door Wide Open
Stay With Me
North Star
Hold On
There’s a Glow